Get real about your financial future.

Nika's new book, Money off the Table, will guide you on how to save for retirement in a way that minimizes risk, protects your hard-earned money, and gives you the best shot at living the life you want. All through the lens of Decision Science.

How We Make Decisions

Listen to Nika and Gregory Proctor as they chat about the science of how we make decisions on Gregory's podcast Kut2thaChase.

Vaccine Hesitancy: How much should we worry?

Read Nika's article in The Hill about how much we should worry about people hesitating to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Wanna know why you keep making bad decisions?

Listen to Nika and Mona Shaikh get deep on why we keep on making bad decisions.

Conspiracy Theories: Political Threats That Require Sociological Solutions

Read Nika's article in Inside Sources on what we can do to reduce the political threats that come from conspiracy theories.

40 Over 40: Meet Nika Kabiri, decision scientist, author, and newfound gamer

Peckman Search interviewed Nika as part of their sieres 40 over 40, learn a little bit about Nika's life, hobbies and quarantine activities.

Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories & What To Do About It! Nika Kabiri, JD. PhD.

Read as Nika dives into the science behind why people decide to belive in conspiracy theories and what you can do to convince them otherwise. 

How to convince others to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

Check out this video clip where Nika explains how bringing the benefits of the vaccine to life works better than data in convincing people to get vaccinated.

Is life an illusion?

Listen to Nika talk to The Advocate's Nick Phillips about why people believe irrational things, how we all need to feel ok, and how life might just be an illusion.  

Check out this article in Voice of America.

Nika offers her thoughts on why conspiracy theories are so appealing. 

Is all marketing just manipulation?

Listen to Nika chat it up with Rex Andrews on the Rex Andrews show, where she and Rex grapple with whether marketing is really just about manipulating consumer decisions - and more.

Decision Science can explain conspiracy theories.

Check out Nika's article in the Tampa Free Press on how we're all prone to fall for conspiracy theories, and why some of us fall harder than others.

Are you a lawyer? Are you making the right decisions?

Check out Nika's chapter on decision-making under uncertainty in the book Business Development for a New Legal Ecosystem, written specifically to help lawyers make the right choices for their practice.

Money off the Table: Tony Sablan and Nika Kabiri

Listen to the podcast Author Hour as Drew Appelbaum interviews Tony Sablan and Nika Kabiri about their book Money off the Table.

How To Apply Decision Science to Make BETTER Decisions For Your Business

Listen as Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang and Nika go live on LinkedIn to talk about why businesses get do not always make the best decisions and what they can do to improve their decision making process.

How do clients make hiring decisions? And how can decision science help you in your practice?

Listen as the podcast Financaily Legal as Nika shares how knowing how customers make their decisions can help your law practice.

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