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Book me to speak at your next event! Choose from one of my following talks, or reach out to request something custom for your group. 

Better Decision-Making:
The Basics 

We want to make better decisions, but it's easier said than done. This talk covers the following:

  • How good decision-making can turn everything around and get you where you want to be;

  • How bad decision-making is part of being human;

  • How psychological, sociological, and physiological influences lead to poor decisions;

  • How starting with your endgame can change everything;

  • How to know when to be rational and when to use your gut;

  • What blueprint to follow when making decisions;

  • What obstacles to avoid.

The Weight of Regret:
How to Overcome Past Bad Decisions

To regret is human. But regret too much, and your future decisions could suffer along with your wellness. This talk will cover:

  • How bad decision-making is human and unavoidable;

  • How regret can impact your future decisions;

  • Why some decisions come with greater regret than others;

  • How blame and regret are connected;

  • Why focusing on the outcomes of your decisions sets you up for unnecessary regret, and what to do about it;

  • How to avoid making decisions poorly because of regret.

  • How an experimental approach to decision-making can alleviate future regret.

How to Decide Already:
Pushing Past Analysis Paralysis

Analysis paralysis can bring us down. It can also be costly. This talk covers the following:

  • The hefty price of putting off decisions;

  • Why some decisions paralyze us;

  • How we can overcome analysis paralysis by focusing on our endgame;

  • How a mindset shift regarding information can get us unstuck;

  • How the way we approach our options can be a problem;

  • Practical hacks to help us get out of paralysis;

  • Tips to help determine when it's actually best to put off deciding.

Making the Right Decisions for Your Business

Decisions can make or break a business. Fortunately, science tells us a lot about how business decisions go wonky and how make them well. This talk will cover:

  • Why poor decision-making in business is a given;

  • How falling in love with your ideas can lead you astray;

  • How feedback can keep you on track but also lead you toward failure;

  • How "learning" too much from other businesses could be a problem;

  • Why it's so hard to be innovative, and what mindset you need to do it;

  • How the power of storytelling can be the root of your problems;

  • What hacks you need to make better choices for your business.

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