We’ve all been in painful romantic entanglements, dealt with that lousy friend, or struggled with an irritating family member. Not sure what to do? You'll find science-backed advice here. 


Human connection is so complex that it’s often hard to get it right. From that first small crush on someone...  or that first conversation that turns an acquaintance to a friend... or that first time you had an argument with your kid... whatever the relationship or the situation, decision-making paves the path for each and every step you take. Where you end up depends on the choices you and those around you make.

This is where you learn how to make it count.


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Good friends are hard to come by. True love is hard to find. And long-lasting, healthy relationships are much more difficult to sustain than they should be. Why? We want each other, crave each other, even rely on each other for survival. So how come we let each other down so often, and why can’t we seem to get it right?


The problem lies in our decision-making. We humans are limited when it comes to our ability to make great decisions. But our ability to grow and adapt – that is unlimited. The more you learn about how decisions can make a difference, and how to make good ones, the stronger your relationships can become.


In this primer, you’ll get a brief overview of Decision Science, why it matters, and how learning its principles can help you override your natural human urges to make the wrong choices.  


To have better relationships, you need to make better decisions. Start now with your first great decision: the decision to read on.

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