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Making the Right Decisions for Your Business

Making the Right Decisions for Your Business

There's a ton of information out there on how to start and run a successful business - from blogs to books, podcasts to presentations. And yet, 20% of small businesses (and 32% of startups) fail within the first two years. Half fail within the first five.


What gives?


Even when businesses don't fail, many don't succeed in a healthy way. I used to work with a woman who had previously been employed by one of the biggest, most successful and well-known global tech companies. She'd start each day by crying in her car before heading up to her office. Once, she noticed a co-worker sitting in their car in the parking garage doing the same. The company is still going strong, but it's made interesting mistakes and a lot of people miserable. Nothing big money and a well-known brand couldn't push through, but regrettable nonetheless.


You want your business to make money. And you don't want it to be a shit show.


You know this, and so you do your best. You put in the hours and get informed. You care enough to take great pains to make the right choices.


And you think this would be enough, but often, it's not. How well your business does has a lot to do with things outside your control, from new competitors, changing consumer preferences, fluctuations in the economy, and more. You can't predict these things.


But also, there's being human. That alone can get in your way. Our brains move fast when they should think things through, without our realizing it. Our social natures make us susceptible to what other people are doing around us, often in ways that don't serve us.


But all is not hopeless. If you're new to business and aren't sure what to do, or if you've been at it for awhile and not getting the results you want, you can turn things around with just one decision. Success isn't guaranteed, but you can give your business a really strong shot. You can set your business up with the best chances possible.


This guide will show you how.


In these pages, you'll learn about why it's so hard to make the right business decisions. You'll also learn about these 10 tips for making it easier.

1. Exercise good health habits.

2. Check your ideas. 

3. Don't over-react to irrelevant feedback.

4. Don't get swept up by stories. 

5. Don't assume you know enough. 

6. Beware the influence of others.

7. Don't let identity matter too much.

8. Get keen on rules you should break. 

9. Be wary of how things feel. 

10. Beware the power of inertia. 

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    This is a 33-page downloadable and printable pdf document. 

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