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How to Change a Misinformed Mind

How to Change a Misinformed Mind

There are a lot of beliefs out there, and too many are rooted in misinformation. From government cover-ups to claims that vaccines are laced with nanochips, too many stories are passing as information, too much fiction being treated as nonfiction.


Expecting people to let go of misinformed beliefs is expecting a lot. But trying anyway is incredibly important, especially these days. Our current social and political climate is tense. So much is at stake: our physical health, our economic well-being, our democratic institutions, our environment. We are at a critical juncture in human history. If we don't collectively make the right choices today, we will suffer so much more in the future.


The right choices require the right information, but too many people are making choices with misinformation. Those choices will be poor, whether decision-makers believe them to be poor or not. And the consequences will be grave, whether decision-makers see those consequences or not.


If you care about someone who believes in misinformation, this guide can help. In these pages, you'll learn about these 10 decision science-backed tips on how to turn a misinformed mind around:

1. Leave your emotions and ego out of it.

2. Prepare for the long game.

3. Strive to improve the odds.

4. Four: Nurture your connection.

5. Create doubt.

6. Talk about how the world works.

7. Give them certainty.

8. Share compelling personal stories.

9. Reward them for positive changes.

10. Don't disconnect.

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    This is a 27-page downloadable and printable pdf document. 

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