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Stuck with a decision? Faced with a challenge? Mired in regret?

Talk it through with Nika. 

Nika works with clients who need help making the right choices in all aspects of their lives. No choice is too small. No challenge too great.

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what people are saying

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Comedian, actor, producer, and creator of the Minority Reportz comedy show and podcast

I'm a stand-up comic and producer in L.A. Nika has not only helped me make smart and informative business decisions, but she's also helped me understand why I make the personal decisions that I do. Plus she offers advice with no judgment and a lot of heart. The world needs to know and listen to Nika. It would be a much better place.

Image by engin akyurt


I reached out to Nika at a point in my career where I felt as if I had hit many walls. I felt stuck. Learning and understanding decision science with Nika helped me gain clarity and move forward in my career with confidence. Plus, Nika brings warmth and zest to client sessions, easing an otherwise difficult time.