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Life is unfair. We know it, we hate it, we wonder why. And then we ask ourselves why it isn't better.

But with science-backed guidance on human decision-making, it can be better. 

Better choices now can make for a better future tomorrow. The world is complex, and justice can feel elusive. The way our political and legal systems work don't always seem fair. Our legal system doesn't always deliver fair outcomes. Building a just society is incredibly important - and yet so hard to get right. We can get so much closer if we learn how to make the right decisions - and have the courage make them.

This is where you learn how to make the world a better place.

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Every one of us wants to live in a just world. And yet a just world is not what we’ve got. How is it that we all want the same thing but can’t seem to get there? It’s not like we don’t have enough information. Everywhere you turn there’s an expert or pundit offering their thoughts on how to make life better and fairer - how to ensure economic security, how to provide the right health care, how to manage public resources. But things still don’t seem fair.


The problem isn’t in our intelligence, values, or motives. What’s getting in our way is the fact that human beings – because of how our brains work and how our social environments influence us – aren’t set up for making the best decisions. We need to get better. This article will explain why Decision Science matters for social justice, and how decision-making pitfalls can get in our way. If we learn how to make better decisions, we can have a better chance at a better life. Start with your first great decision: the decision to read on.

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