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decisions that change your life.

why this?

​We all want to live better lives, and we try hard to get there. But somehow, despite our efforts, we’re not where we want to be. We know that greater joy and deeper fulfilment are possible, but they feel out of reach. This is because prevailing approaches to life improvement don’t work. They offer one-size-fits-all tips when we’re not all alike. They root their insights in personal experience, when one person can’t possibly know everything. They promise foolproof solutions that are in fact trite and unrealistic. There is a better way.

what you'll get.

This conversation will share insights for improving your life in a way that works: by teaching you tools for better decision-making. Making poor decisions can lead to poor circumstances. If you improve your decision-making, your circumstances and life can improve. In this engagement, you’ll learn how to override the natural human tendencies that lead to poor decisions, so you can tackle unique challenges and make choices that lead to a better life.

the talk.

In this engagement, you’ll learn:

  • Why decision-making can improve your life;

  • Why humans are naturally limited in their decision-making capabilities;

  • Common decision-making pitfalls that lead decisions astray;

  • The importance of starting with your desired life outcome and working backwards;

  • How to design choices with good options;

  • How to use probabilistic thinking to determine which option is best;

  • How to learn from your mistakes.

the workshop.

Participants will be guided through a series of exercises designed to tackle a decision they’re facing. Specifically, participants will:

  • Get clear on their desired outcome;

  • Work backwards from the desired outcome to arrive at options;

  • Use probabilistic thinking to identify which options are best;

  • Learn how to override natural human tendencies that compromise their choices.

Workbook materials will be provided.

book it.

For more information, or to discuss a custom event, reach out!

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