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You can learn a lot in a presentation, workshop, or conversation. Have Nika join your group event or gathering.

what to expect.

  • You’ll gain powerful insights and techniques that will make your decisions – and your life – better.

  • You’ll understand why humans are designed to make poor decisions, and how you can override what comes naturally to make better choices.

  • You’ll get practical advice and tools you can use to improve your life right away.  

  • Concepts are specific and tangible; I bring everything down to earth so anyone can use it.

  • Everything is firmly rooted in scientific research.

what's included.


One pre-engagement call
45-minute presentation
15-minute Q&A

Virtual or In Person


One pre-engagement call
60-minute presentation w/ Q&A
60-minute interactive training

Virtual or In Person


One pre-engagement call
10-minute intro presentation 
90-minute conversation/ Q&A

Virtual or In Person

Nika was AMAZING. It seemed like she really understood the crowd. She was super intelligent and articulate, and transparently human. I’m so glad she agreed to speak. She really helped make my event a success.

David C. Baker, Author of The Business of Expertise and Producer of the Mind Your Own Business Conference for creatives

watch nika talk.

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