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i'm nika kabiri.

i help people live better lives through decision science.

I've spent 20+ years studying decision-making in a variety of contexts, from politics to relationships to business. I've coached individuals from all walks of life seeking guidance on romantic relationships, friendships, career, and more. I've worked with businesses including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, General Mills, Oakley, as well as brand new tech startups, just to name a few. I've taught Decision Science at the University of Washington, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. I have a PhD in Sociology from the University of Washington and a JD from the University of Texas.


Today, I write and speak about decision-making as well as counsel individuals and businesses as they strive to make better decisions. I also serve as Senior Director of Decision Science at Clio.

But decision science isn't just a profession for me. It's a way of life. Learning and applying the science of decision-making has pulled me out of depression, gotten me unstuck when I was going nowhere, and helped me create a deeply fulfilling life for myself. If decision science could do all that for me, it can likely help you too. 

It all starts with your next decision.

in the media

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podcasts and radio

How to keep decision-making simple. On the Decidedly podcast. 

Why people believe misinformation. On The Advocate radio show.

How to change a misinformed mind. On The Speak Good Podcast with Brad Phillips.

How Decision Science can help businesses grow. On Entrepreneur's Action and Ambition podcast.

How Understanding Decision Science Can Improve Our Mental Health. On The Tea, Please podcast.

About how Decision Science can help you live a better life. On the She Doesn't Settle podcast. 

Making better decisions. On the One Percent Wiser podcast.

Decision Science for investing. On the EQ Spotlight podcast with Dan Hill.

About Naomi Osaka and mental health in sports. On the Sportsmap radio show

watch and listen


Reach out with inquiries related to press or media, or to ask me to be a podcast guest.

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