i'm nika.

and i'm glad you're here.

I’m a forward thinking, science-loving entrepreneur, book author, public speaker, college professor, and researcher with over twenty years of experience studying how people make decisions. I have a JD from the University of Texas, and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Washington, where my academic focus was on decision-making and choice theory. I’m a faculty member at the University of Washington, where I teach graduate and undergraduate courses on Decision Science. I also run my own consultancy, using Decision Science to help my clients' businesses grow.

You can find my work in places like the Huffington Post or Seattle Business Magazine. I've also been interviewed by Forbes and Market Watch. 

I've been in some challenging spots in my life - some even really dark - and nothing has helped me thrive more than the Decision Science principles I share on this site. A better life can truly come from better decision-making. I want that better life for you.

Let me speak at your next event. 

meet my partners

isabelle miller

kristen larrick

Isabelle Miller is a senior at the University of Washington studying Communications, Informatics, and Sales. With a passion for creative and forward thinking, Isabelle brings her knowledge across the board to decision science concepts. She designs and creates content for the Nika Kabiri and your next decision brand. 
Kristen is currently pursuing a double major in Psychology and Communications with a concentration in Social and Cultural Communication (Public Relations) at the University of Washington, Seattle. She conducts secondary research on Decision Science and manages social media marketing.
Both Kristen and Isabelle formally studied Decision Science for Communications at the University of Washington, under Nika.
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