i'm nika kabiri.

i do decision science.

I'm a Decision Science specialist who helps people get real, move forward, and minimize regret. I have spent over two decades studying how people make decisions in a variety of contexts, from business to politics to relationships.


I've been featured in Yahoo News and as a top 10 coach in LA Weekly. I contribute to media sources like The Hill, Huffington Post, and Inside Sources, and I am regularly featured on podcasts, radio, and TV. I am also co-author of the bestselling book Money Off the Table: Decision Science and the Secret to Smarter Investing


I am currently a faculty member at the University of Washington where I teach Decision Science. I am also founder and owner of Kabiri Consulting, where I employ Decision Science principles to help businesses start, grow, and thrive.

I have a PhD in Sociology from the University of Washington, where my academic focus was on choice theory, institutional analysis, and decision-making within constraints. I also have a JD from the University of Texas. 



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